New Member + model work started

January 15, 2008

As you can see I’m not a good news poster.

1. Yeah, my mod-crew is growing!

Yesterday I could manage to involve a friend of mine in my mod-crew. He will help me with all the coding stuff and perhaps he’ll do some level design as well.

2. I started the work at a first book model for the mod. I hope in a few days I’ll be able to present you some first renders. AND…I started the layout of the first level as a small sketch so I’ll be able to start working and present you some updates 🙂


Letters – A Half-Life 2 Modification

January 8, 2008



2096:   Stell dir eine Welt vor, in der Literatur verboten ist.

Eine Welt, in der auf alle Schriftstücke, die in irgendeiner Art und Weiße Wissen enthalten oder in denen Fragen gestellt werden, „gejagt“ und vernichtet werden.

Eine Welt, in der Autoren, Literaten, Schriftsteller wie Verbrecher behandelt, gesucht und bestraft werden.

Herzlich willkommen in „Letters“. Eine Half-Life 2 Single player Modifikation.

Der Spieler schlüpft in die Rolle von Hudge Kreight, einem ehemaligen Taxifahrer, der als Brenner für die Regierung arbeitet. Seit 10 Jahren arbeitet Hudge als Brenner und hat Spaß an seinem Job. Er macht sich wenig Gedanken darüber, an was er eigentlich beteiligt ist. Doch von Zeit zu Zeit wird auch er schwach und wenn ihm eines der Bilder auf der Vorderseite eines Buches gefällt, versteckt er es und behält es.

Seine Frau unterstützt die Regierung und weiß nichts von den Büchern.

Hudge kommt immer spät heim und eines Tages trifft er auf dem Heimweg Lucy, eine junge Frau. Er unterhält sich mit ihr und sie erklärt ihm, was sie von der Zerstörung der Bücher hält. Am nächsten Abend trifft er sie wieder und sie unterhalten sich über Liebe. Liebe zu Menschen, Liebe zu Tieren, Liebe zu Literatur.

Die Gespräche mit Lucy verwirren Hudge und ein innerer Kampf beginnt…





2096:   Imagine a world, where literature is forbidden.

Imagine a world where literature which contains knowledge or which contains questions is hunted and destroyed.

Imagine a world where authors are treated, hunted and punished like criminals.

Welcome to “Letters” a Half-Life 2 single player modification.

            You are Hudge Kreight, a former taxi driver who works now as a fireman for the government. Since 10 years Hudge             is a fireman and he likes his job. He doesn’t care too much about his work and what he’s really doing. But from time             to time he becomes weak and when the cover of a book looks nice to him he hides it and takes it at home.

His wife supports the government and their plans but she has no idea of the books her husband is hiding at home.

Hudge always comes home very late. One evening he meets Lucy, a young woman.

They talk to each other and she explains him what she’s thinking about all the destroying of the books. The next evening he meets her again and they talk about love.

Love to another person, love to an animal / pet, love to literature.

The conversations with Lucy are confusing Hudge and a fight in his mind starts…

Units / Classes




Firemen – Firemen are common workers who work at large ovens and burn hundreds of books each day.


Rats – You’ll never find a rat alone. They always have a hunter with them.

Rats are units which search for secret libraries or book depots. Once they found them, they

mark the location and wait for reinforcement.


Hunters – There’s only one thing to say when you see a hunter. Run! Run as fast as you can and try to hide somewhere. When you see a hunter it won’t take long and there will be a lot of trouble. Hunters are light units which hunt rebels they find in secret libraries or book depots.


Policemen – Policemen are medium-heavy units you’ll find almost alone or in groups of two.

Unless they can send a message to their headquarters because then you really need a large weapon and a lot of ammunition.


Judges – You might call them heavy hunters. With one difference. They won’t make you a prisoner. They will kill you. Judges have heavy shotguns and a really large gun.

Judges can be seen as a special force of the government. You’ll find them alone or in groups of three.


Collectors – Collectors collect books, dead rebels, tight up rebels. They have light weapons but they do a lot of damage to you when they hit you with their poison.


Mobile firemen – Mobile firemen have flame throwers to destroy any form of literature they find. They’re heavy and slow but their flame thrower is a mighty weapon because it not only burns books.




Guards – Guards are guarding secret libraries and book depots. They’re medium-heavy units but they’re only strong when they’re in groups of about 5 guards.


Collectors – The rebels also do have collectors. They are unarmed units which try to find lost books and documents. Collectors move alone but they can move really quick and they can make themselves invisible for a short time with the help of a generator.


Savants – Savants are the head “units” of the rebels. They’re wise and intelligent and they tell their knowledge to writers and they note down this knowledge.




Citizens – Citizens are normal people living in the city. You’ll never really know whether they support the rebels or the government.